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Garlic Shrimp Scampi Pizza

This pizza is truly unique and combines a stunning array of flavors. The crust is fragrant, crispy, and has a delightful crunch, providing a pleasurable chewing experience. Each bite is incredibly delicious with fresh shrimp,garlic and oregano accentuating the ocean ambience and leaving you yearning for more. This pizza blends fresh ingredients harmoniously, delivering multi-layered flavor changes that leave you thoroughly satisfied with every mouthful.

 Smoked Cherry Wood Duck Pizza

The Scallion and Cherry Duck Pizza is a breathtaking culinary creation. This pizza blends locally sourced Yilan duck flavors to offer an unforgettable gustatory delight. The aroma of scallions permeates gently, infusing the entire pizza with a refreshing essence. The natural sweetness and tender richness of the cherry duck harmoniously combine, creating a unique texture and depth of flavor. The crust is crispy and chewy, perfectly complementing the savory taste of the duck. 

Italian Style Pork Sausage Pizza

The Italian-Style Pork Sausage Pizza is a mouthwatering Italian delicacy. This pizza blends a diverse array of flavors, transporting you to an Italian culinary paradise. The crust is baked to a golden, crispy perfection, providing immense satisfaction with every bite. The aromatic and savory Italian pork sausage is hand made, combined with rich Italian spices, emits an irresistible and enticing fragrance that is hard to resist.  Comes with or without topped pink Vodka Sauce.

Italian Style Chicken Cutlet Pizza

The high-quality Taiwanese chicken takes the spotlight, with its tender and juicy Italian seasoned breaded texture perfectly combined with Caputo 00 flour crust, bringing immense satisfaction with every mouthful. The addition of Italian spices on the pizza enriches its flavor, creating a captivating aroma.