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SOHO New Yorker​ Bed & Breakfast

EDDIE New Yorker Pizza

Eddie New Yorker Story

My name is Eddie and I was born in New York. My wife Sintty, is Taiwanese born.  We met and married in NYC in 1989 and relocated to Taiwan in 2015.  I had been a corporate accountant in New York City for 28 years, but my real passion is pizza. I love Taiwan, its people and its way of life.  Living here in Toucheng, Yilan allows me the opportunity to return my gratitude to the Taiwanese people by hosting a bed and breakfast and a Pizza Cafe for guests to experience and enjoy a Nerw York style ambience and pizza dining experience.  My pizza is called a "NeaAmerican" pizza . Traditional Neapolitan pizza in preparation and presentation, but with bold New York flavors and textures, resulting in a crispy yet chewy delicious crust. Pizzas are made with authentic Neapolitan Italian world champion Caputo "00" flour and with fresh local sourced ingredients.


With love...I make pizza like a painting. Each pizza dough is my blank canvas, my tray filled with fresh and colorful ingredients. I treat each pizza that I bake as a personal painting that I offer each customer to reflect my passion and love.

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Welcome to SoHo NewYorker Bed & Breakfast!
Thank you for choosing to stay with us. 
We are so excited to host your visit in the comforts of our homestay in Toucheng Township, Yilan County.

We opened our bed and breakfast in 2022 to share our love for Taiwan and also to share our love for food.  We are conveniently located 45 minutes by car from Taipei and within minutes to the local popular attractions of Lanyang Museum, Turtle Island, surfing at Waiao Beach and Jiaoxi’s mineral hot springs.  


Property Amenities

●      Room Balcony with majestic views of Turtle Island

●      Our Onsite 1st Floor Restaurant Café - Eddie NewYorker Pizza 

The onsite 1st floor Cafe is open from 11:30 to 20:00.  Seating can accommodate up to 18 guests.  Advance food ordering is recommended to make your dining experience convenient and enjoyable to go along with your stay.  I offer traditional Neapolitan Pizza with a non traditional New York style texture and taste.  Vegan pizza options and Italian Pasta and off menu specialty items are available as well. 


Transportation Options from Taipei

●      Within 45 minutes by Car by Highway 5

●      Within 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus to Wushi Harbor Bus Station

●      Within 2 hours by train to Toucheng Train Station 


Information About Parking  

     Free street parking along Lanboer Road


If there are any planned meals at our onsite Cafe, we can help you from our customizable menu with advance ordering .  Pizza menu sent on request.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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New Yorker PIZZA

Pizza Perfection: A Journey of Flavor

My NeaAmerican 🇮🇹🇺🇸Style Pizza is a 12 inch Traditional Neapolitan Pizza in preparation and appearance, but is very Non Traditional, with an American NYC crispy crust style in texture and taste. My Caputo "00" flour pizza dough is prepared in advance and proofed for 120 hours (5 days) in both room and cold temperatures to reach the optimum baking performance for achieving my distinctive pizza flavor.  All meat ingredients are handcrafted from local fresh ingredients. All seafood and vegetables are sourced fresh from local purveyors.

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